To Thrift or not to Thrift

Hi friends! Welcome back to my blog 🙂 Today’s post is a little bit different than my usual ones; in fact, it has NOTHING to do with my Mass Communications class. It is on something that I am very fond of…but you will have to read along to find out what it is! 

Have you ever heard someone say, “go to your happy place?” I have. Growing up, if I was sad, or unhappy, I would hear someone tell me to find my happy place. Back in the day, my happy place was the beach, or camping with my family; today, my happy place is way different. A lot of people have common happy places. Usually, they have to do with a memory, or something that makes them feel good. Mine is like this, too. 

My happy place is somewhere where things are tossed away. It is where something no longer wanted, becomes needed. Where something old becomes new. My happy place is surrounded by things that one person may love and another…not so much (any ideas yet?) My happy place is right down the road from my home, and it is somewhere that I love. My happy place is the local thrift store. 

YIKES. Did I lose you? Let me tell you a story. 

As a little girl, my dad would take me to garage sales. I learned how to rift through all the junk to find the perfect item. My dad taught me to bargain, and to know when something is not worth the work. As I got older, we branched out and started going to consignment stores. I started shopping at all the thrift stores I could find. It was something that I loved to do with my dad as a hobby. Once I was in high school, this activity was no longer something I did for fun, it was an escape from real life. 

I would go to thrift stores after school, or on the weekends to get away from all of my work and chaos. I drove to the store, and I would shop for hours; looking through every isle, trying on all the clothes. Sometimes I found things that I loved, and sometimes I found nothing at all. The point wasn’t to find a hundred items; it was about finding something that I loved. 

thrift ybor

Now, a lot of you have either started to zone out or are gagging at the thought of wearing a strangers clothes. For those of you who are still intrigued, I have a little secret for you. I did not always feel comfortable wearing used clothes, or buying something that was not brand new. It is not something that everyone loves to do; However, as I got older, and shopped more frequently, it became more enjoyable. Now, I have learned a lot of ways to be successful at thrifting.

At the end of the day, it is simply about having the patience to go through items at the store, and learning how to shop well. Just always remember to shop locally at the thrift store before purchasing full price in retail.

Thanks for joining me today ❤ ❤

Danielle LoraEllen  



Mass Comm. Assignment

WARNING: This is an assignment for my class and will be super boring to read. Viewer discretion advised? <<<Just a joke…but seriously. 

Hi! Hello! Hey! Welcome to another blog post. This blog is going to be very boring for most of my readers, so I apologize. My assignment for today is to look at three Hyperlocal News websites and to basically talk about what I found, and my thoughts on this (Super exciting, right?). Feel free to zone out, now. 

The very first website that I looked at was “Voice of San Diego.” This website is clearly based in California. The entire website is designed to give news and reports for things happening in the city. The front page has the top articles, and links. It has a link for anyone to put in their email to stay in the loop. Another link the website has for easy access is the “donate” button. 

The next site that I found was a website called, “The Local.” This site is by the New York Times and is based in New York. The website is dedicated to the East Villiage, and Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. The front page gives you two locations (your block/your neighborhood) and you can choose which to explore, and it gives you the news or popular stories in this part of town. 

The last website that I explored was “NewzJunky.” This site takes place in New York. Much like “The Local” and “The Voice of San Diego”, this website has all types of stories, news, and articles to give people in New York to keep them updated on the most recent activities. 

What I found while looking at these three Hyperlocal News websites was that every single one featured local news. I saw that a lot of them had links to other cities and other places in their state. I think that it is really interesting that there are these types of websites out there. What an interesting way to stay active in the local news. Now, to find out if there is one for my city?

Thanks for tuning in!

Talk soon,

Danielle LoraEllen 

BLOG 6: class assignment



Hello and welcome back to DanielleLoraEllen! This post may be a little boring because it is an assignment for my Mass Communications class; however, I am going to make it as interesting as possible. 

I love junk food…like really love junk food. My favorite type of food to really indulge in has to be Mexican food–I am a real sucker for tacos, chips, and a big bowl of queso. I also love my sweets; ice cream, cake, and anything chocolate. Although these are some of my favorites, there is one type of ‘junk’ that I have every day, all day long…SODA. I constantly have a Dr. Pepper in my hand. 

At this point, you are probably thinking, “okay, why is she going on about the food that she likes?” and I will tell you why. 

If you think back to my last story, it was about a thrift store owner. I interviewed the owner of Pendy Consignment and wrote a story on my findings. For this story, I wanted to change it up a bit; write something that I was really intrigued by, and something that I honestly wanted to know about. 

The next story I will be posting will be about the food that we eat, and if it is actually affecting our body. I will do my research, and come up with a full story on what I find. 

PLEASE stay tuned for this story, and let me know what you would like to read about next!!

Thank you so much for reading!


Danielle LoraEllen

dani food

Thrift Interview Behind the Scenes

In general, my story was about a woman who owns a thrift store. The reason I chose to interview her about owning the store was because I think it is incredibly important that people understand that thrift shopping can be more than just a way to shop on a budget. It is also about the people you meet, the community that you can be a part of, and the difference you can make. The reason I thought that people would be interested in this type of story is that, first, my viewers are mostly college age. This age group is constantly looking for new trends, and ways to save money. This introduced both; a new trend and a way to spend on a budget. My main source was the person I interviewed, but it was also myself. Due to the fact that I am a thrift shopper, and do it frequently, I know a lot about the hobby. Some information I needed to make the story whole was background information about the owner, and statistics such as how many staff members there are, how much clothes they take in, and how to determine what they should sell and what they should not sell. There were no other sources for information.

This interview was my very first, and it was really interesting to prepare for. I was glad I got to experience it, and I look forward to my next interview soon.

Pendy Consignment Interview

PENDYSurrounded by hundreds of shirts, pants, bags, jewelry, and accessories, Michelle Schmitt is the proud owner of Pendy Consignment. To so many people, this job seems odd. It seems gross, almost. Why would any person want to work in a store full of used clothing? To answer this question, I interviewed a woman who not only works at the store but is the owner. Today, I will be telling you Michelle’s story; how she got here, where she started, and where she hopes to go.

In 1981, the very first Pendy Consignment store opened, since then, there have been seven stores. Today, only one remains. Temple Terrace, Florida is where the very first store was founded. Penny and Cyndi, the daughters of the owners, were the inspiration for the name. When a couple met them at church, they decided to open a brand-new store in Brandon, Florida. Michelle Schmitt’s mother-in-law is the original owner of the Brandon store that opened over 35 years ago. When Michelle’s father-in-law passed away, she bought the store from them.

pendy 2

While interviewing Michelle, I asked her several questions about herself. I wanted to know why she decided to own a thrift store. What was she doing before? Michelle Schmitt was not a stay-at-home wife, she worked a nine to five job, much like a lot of parents. When I asked her what her profession was before, she told me she worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Honestly, I was extremely surprised. I expected a simple job, something average; that is my fault for assuming. After marrying her husband, and having kids, she realized she wanted to be more involved with her children. Michelle says, “My kids were younger, and I wanted to be able to keep up with them better and be a part of their lives instead of working nine to five every day.” Although this may have been an easier job for Michelle, it is still not an effortless career.

Michelle explains that it can be difficult owning a thrift store, much like it can be difficult owning any type of store. She says that one of the most challenging aspects of working here has been keeping up with the current styles and trends in retail stores. “Keeping that balance of what we know would sell and wouldn’t sell.” She elaborated saying that it can be frustrating when things do not sell because that is how they make money, and how their customers profit. “There is a fine line of what sells and what doesn’t,” Michelle says. While she believes there can be moments of difficulty, she tells me that she also has things she loves about owning the store. She says, even after twenty years of serving, her favorite part is going through the clothes that people bring in daily, “I find it exciting to see what is coming in that day…I guess I’m nosy enough to see what other people have.”

In a city where there are dozens of thrift stores, Michelle tells that she is glad that her customers are loyal. For the many years that the store has been open, the same customers have continued to shop. This could be due to the amazing monthly sales, but it is more likely because of the cheerful staff that greets you when you enter. Michelle is hopeful that, in the next few years, her store will be thriving. She says that she does not see any drastic changes in the future, but that she hopes to stay busy. When our interview ended, the only thing that she asked to add was that she was grateful to the Brandon community for supporting the store for thirty-seven years; “I really love being a part of the community,” she says.


Pendy Consignment is a thrift store that is more about the customer than the clothing. When a person walks into the store, they immediately feel welcome and comfortable. This is because of the owner, Michelle Schmitt. Michelle cares about her customers and ensures that her staff does too. Pendy Consignment is a place where someone can find a new outfit and talk to a friend at the same time. During my time with Michelle, she explained the difficulties of owning the store, but how she gave up her career to do it. Owning a thrift store is full of opportunity, growth, and constant movement. After my interview with the owner, it was extremely clear that she loved what she did. Today, I told you her story; how she got here, where she started, and where she hoped to go. The next time you are shopping, stop by Pendy Consignment.

Blog Assignment

The Struggle is Real

Personally, I never conducted an interview; I’ve only ever been interviewed for jobs and during high school for a paper or story. When I found out that we were going to be required to do an interview, I was excited. I was looking forward to it. I had a bunch of ideas of who I wanted to interview, and what types of stories I could write about. When I chose who to interview, I started to prepare. The first thing I did was email the woman I wanted to write about. I wrote a professional email, telling her who I was and what I wanted to talk to her about. At first, I did not hear back from her. I was nervous that she was not interested, and would not reply. After a while, I heard back from her; she agreed to the interview. I started to prepare. The hardest part about conducting the interview was figuring out exactly what I wanted to write, and what type of questions. To overcome this, I researched interview stories and looked at the types of questions I could ask. After reading through the material on it, I felt prepared to conduct a proper, professional, interview.

Blog 3 Assignment

Thrift Store Galore 

Surrounded by hundreds of shirts, pants, bags, jewelry, and accessories, one woman stands for loving thrift clothing. She stands in her consignment store, sharing with the world to buy used clothing. To so many people, this job seems odd. It seems gross, almost. Why would any person want to work in a thrift store? Today, I want to tell you about a woman who not only works in a thrift store, but who opened and owns a thrift store. I want to tell her story, I want to tell the world to get rid of the stigma cursing thrift clothing. Today, I am sharing with the world to take the stigma that consignment stores are buried in, and I am saying to toss them out. There are millions of jobs in the world; she could be a teacher, she could be a writer, she could be a weather anchor. My point is, there are millions of jobs in the world, why does she want to be a thrift store owner?

Some questions I will ask…

  • Why did you open your store? When did you open your store?
  • What were you doing before you opened your store?
  • What sets your store apart from other consignment stores? How do you keep your customers interested, and coming back?
  • Where did the name originate?
  • How do social, economic, and environmental factors affect your store?
  • What has been the worst part of owning the store? What has been the best part?
  • How was your store changed since you opened it?
  • Where do you see your store in 3-5 years?